Exchange/Office 365 Odoo Sync Install Instructions

Instructions are valid for Odoo 8/9/10/11 * note email not available in 8/9

For tips and tricks and more in testing/exchange sync please click here.

Step 1 - Admin Permissions


Install the module via the module installer.

  1. Go to Users

  2. Ensure the user you wish to use to configure has both permissions selected

  3. Reload the page and go-to the PR1 Exchange Setup menu item.

Step 2 - Configure


  1. If you have not got a license key you can use the trial license which is currently 1 user 1000 contacts, calendar and email sync for 5 days, for further extensions please contact us. Simply leaveBLANK if you have no key.

  2. The system can work in two different ways, depending on the method chosen below please enter an email address for the Impersonate user, their exchange password and a test user. If you are using single user mode the Impersonate Usr and the Test User will have the same email address.

    1. Single user mode or multi user mode. For testing single user mode is usually sufficient. This allows 1 user to sync their contacts/calendar/email to exchange and exchange to sync back to Odoo. 

    2. Multi user mode. In multi user mode an exchange impersonate user must be created, please see our sections on exchange impersonate users or email us for further help. The exchange impersonate user allows 1 user-account to sync data between all users in the Odoo system, this removes the issues where passwords need to be maintained for each user within Odoo. For testing the impersonate user in a multi user environment ensure Impersonate User address and Test User address is different, this will test the ability to for the impersonate user to access the test users account.

  3. Leave the EWS Path blank this will auto-detect.

  4. Click Test Connection. *Note if the test connection fails it may be due to your server using domain\login as the login method rather than email. Normally you can tell this by the way you login to your web mail, you will either log in with your domainname\username or your email address. Please try domain\login e.g. mydomain\myuser. If this is the case you will have to manually specify the EWS path. The ews path is normally your webmail path e.g. but /owa is replaced with /ews/exchange.asmx to become

Step 3 -Successful setup

  1. If the system is setup successfully the state is successful, if it fails an error will be returned please review the items in step 2 point 4 above or contact us for assistance at

  2. If you did not input a licence key a trial license key is automatically created and the EWS path if not populated will beautomatically filled in.

Step 4 - User setup

  1. Go to Users

  2. Go to AD Details tab

  3. Enter the user's active directory email/login. - If you login to your web mail with an email address it will be the email address of the user, if it is a domain\username then it will be that. If you are testing this is likely the same address you entered in the impersonate user and the test user accounts.

  4. Tick the exchange sync enabled tick box. - This will tell Odoo this user will be synchronised. *Note you then need to validate the user (see below)

Step 5 - Validate Users

  1. Go back to the exchange connection settings and click Validate Users, the system should state "All users have validated against exchange".- NOTE this comes up in an 'Odoo Server Error' box. This is NOT an error.

Step 6 - Verify User is validated

  1. Goto the user you have just setup and you can verify the exchange sync is working for that user, the "Ex Validated" box will be ticked,

Step 7 - Email Sync Setup

  1. To configure email sync go-to the exchange connection setup/email sync tab.

  2. Tick the Enable Email Sync tick box.

  3. Set a minimum email sync date. This is strongly recommended, it will set a minimum date so all emails sent before in Odoo to your Exchange/Office 365 will not be sent to your office 365/exchange sent box.

  4. Click Setup Email Sync

Step 8 - Final Sync Testing

  1. Email Sync status should now say Synced - this means all user accounts have validated they exist and are ready to sync email from Odoo -> Exchange.

  2. Click Test Email Sync - This will now sync email from Odoo to the configured user's exchange sent items boxes.

Step 9-Number of items synced

  1. The system will show the number of emails synced to sent box from exchange.

Well done! You've setup the exchange sync.

For more information on the various controllers and testing buttons please click here.