Odoo Exchange/Office 365 - Calendar/Contact Sync

News - All Exchange/Office 365 sync is free for anyone who is hosting with us!

Odoo - Exchange/Office 365 Calendar/Contact sync. This is for Odoo 8/9. If you have any questions or need any help please contact us. - We also offer a setup service please contact us for more information.

The modules can install on any version of Odoo 8/9 and require no special COM controls or exchange python modules. The sync happens through PR1's servers so you dont have to worry about the exchange connection.

Odoo 8 Module - Available from the app store here

Odoo 9 Module - Available from the app store here

Both modules come with a trial account including 1 user and the ability to sync 1000 contacts, trial calendar sync is valid for 5 days.

Odoo 10 - Please contact us if you need this for Odoo 10.

Odoo 7 - Please contact us if you need this for Odoo 7.

New Features

Upcoming features are Exchange Email to Odoo Sync. - Buy now to get major discounts on this feature. We may also be interested in some Beta testers. Please contact us.


Prices are £2 per user per month, minimum of 5 users or £5 for 1 user per month.

Discounts available for large volumes.

10 Months for the price of 12.

Please contact us to arrange a license.


Download and install the module for your version of Odoo.
Ensure that you have an impersonate user setup, please see: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/dn722376(v=exchg.150).aspx for exchange andhere for Office 365.
Add your user to the Exchange Contact Admin Group. 
Add additional users to the Exchange Contact Users Group. 
Users are able to add contacts to their contact list. 
Note you may need to F5 your page to reload the menu to see the Exchange Connection Menu Item in the step below.
Goto Settings -> PR1 Exchange Setup -> Exchange Connection. And enter your User Name/Access Code that you have been provided with once you have purchased the module - If you have not purchased the module leave these blank for a trial key. Enter the impersonate user (this could be a domain\username OR Email Address (Depending on how you login to your webmail. For office 365 it is email address. The majority of Exchange Installations are Domain\Username. Enter a different email/username for the test user to test Impersonation and Click Test Connection.
Goto the users that you want to setup and goto the AD Details tab. Enter the Active Directory Email/Login value and tick the contact sync enabled box.
Once you have added the users you will need to validate them. To do this go back to the Settings ->PR1 Exchange Setup -> Exchange Connection and Validate the users. This will ensure that the users are accessable on the Exchange Server. Once the users are validated you can see the validated tick box will be visible on the AD Details tab on the user page. Also a message will appear saying users have validated. Or an exception will appear letting you know which user(s) it has not been able to login as.
Once this is done users can then goto the customers and "Add All Contacts To My Contact List" Or goto an individual contact within the company and add that to their contact list.
The buttons change to 'Remove' if you later with to remove them from your list.
After adding users you can then manually trigger the sync via Test Contact Sync and Test Calendar Sync to test it is working. If you get no error messages then it is working.
You can configure the sync length. In Settings -> Scheduled Actions -> Execute Syn. We dont recommend less than 1 hour per sync.
Observe the results!