Exchange/Office 365 to Odoo - Tips

This section will outline what all the other buttons do and explain the controllers in detail.

Exchange Settings - Buttons


  1. Test Connection -Use this button whenever you wish, this button validates the connection is still working between Odoo and Exchange.

  2. Test Contact Sync - Pressing this button will force contacts to sync from Odoo -> Exchange. Please note 'abusing' this feature will actually slow down your sync since it will stack up multiple calls.

  3. Reset All -  This is a catastrophic reset, only to be used in emergencies and preferable only on test accounts. Pressing this button will delete in exchange all Contacts/Appointments that have been synced.Use at own risk.

  4. Validate Users - this button must be pressed whenever new users are configured to sync with exchange, it will tick the 'Ex Validated' tick box against the user to confirm that their user account is synchronising.

  5. Test calendar sync - pressing this button will sync calendar data from Odoo -> Exchange it does NOT sync data back from exchange. 

Exchange Settings -Sync Details Tab


  1. Sync User Count - This is the last number of users sync'd

  2. Last Amount Sync'd this is an internal reference -seeing numbers here is good

  3. Last Number of calendar events synced/Last number of events synced from Exchange (Note the box overlaps) - This is telling the user on the last sync how many calendar events in total were synced from/to exchange.

  4. Number of partners synced (note the box overlaps) - This is the number of contacts synced last sync to exchange

  5. Error logging - Any errors are logged here 

  6. Contact/User Limit - This is where the license details are stated.

  7. Last Sync Time/Last Cal Sync Time. This is showing when the last Contact/Calendar sync happened. This is usually when the controllers last ran, however if you forced a sync with the test buttons recently this will reflect that time.

Exchange Settings -Email SyncTab


  1. Email Sync Status - This shows the status of the email sync, if it says Synced here it means its setup!
    - This is the last number of users sync'd

  2. Enable Email Sync - If this is ticket it means the email sent items will sync to the exchange sent items box.

  3. Min Email Sync Date - This presents a 'barrier' so that no emails prior to this will be synced to users sent item boxes.

  4. Last number of emails sent to exchange - This shows how many emails were last sent to the sent box in exchange.

  5. Test Email Sync - Pressing this button sync emails from Odoo -> Exchange Sent Items Box. - Do not abuse this, it will actually slow down a sync if pressed multiple times.

Exchange Crons - Scheduled Actions

There are three main Scheduled Actions that run 

  1. Execute calendar Syn - This is running by default every 5 minutes, this will sync data from Odoo to exchange and pull down any recent updates from Exchange. - Note this does not force a sync from Exchange, this process happens on the PR1 servers at a time limit set according to your license type. - It is not recommended to repeat missed or reduce the interval much more than the 5 minutes, request can stack on the shared/test servers and slow sync.

  2. Execute Contact Syn - This pushes contacts up to Exchange this is normally set for every 1 hour.

  3. Execute Email Syn - This syncs the sent messages within Odoo to your exchange sent box so you have a record of all correspondence you have sent while using Odoo.

System Overview